Tucker Stilley

In 2005 I found out I was very sick – dying in fact – in the most baroque and spiritually Gothic way imaginable. I had ALS. The story had found me.

It is the story of a risky maneuver – the conscious de-lamination of the self, the slow drift into inner space, making friends as it goes. It is composed of metaphors, of inner realizations and events, paying special attention to the boundary where the inner and outer lives overlap.

An exquisite new aesthetic unfolds when you are standing on the deck of a burning ship. I assure you, the world changes, people become sped up and translucent. Being paralyzed amplifies the uneasy link between intent and action and calls into question the true meaning of this place and time that we occupy…and of what our ultimate audience might prove to be.

Inhabiting a place where modernism and chaos theory collide, my lack of a body necessitates new sources of intent, gesture and content. All this is done by using my eyes – by looking into machines. By thinking and dreaming. I am artificially – starkly – divided into tech…and spirit.

Yeah – you see if you can find the dividing line… That’s what I’m doing.

Tucker Stilley
San Marino, CA

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