Palimpsessed – by Tucker Stilley

My images have to be juxtapositions because the best ideas are hybrids of existing thought – and I find that I can cover the most ground with Artificial Erosion.

The term “palimpsest” describes the un-natural sedimentary accumulation of imagery, information and concepts. For instance, on a billboard, many years of imagery may suddenly form an inexplicable dada collage after a twister rips the surface down to bare plywood; leaving a dog, pulling the underpants off a sweaty cola bottle, who is smoking a cigarette with half a handsome torn lopsided grin.

Fragmentary meanings combine into the mysterious. Unsaid, unthought unquestioned dream of the present. I treasure this moment. I am palimpsessed.

T. Stilley, 10/25/19

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